Creating and Uploading PDF Inspection Reports

Electronic report distribution is fast and secure using PDF format. Reports that are converted to PDF format are smaller in size than the original Word documents and cannot easily be edited. INSPECTEXPRESS™ provides tools for both the creation and distribution of PDF reports. 

Choosing a document to PDF Converter:

Many different document to PDF converters are available on the market today such as Adobe Acrobat®. INSPECTEXPRESS™ offers the Neevia docuPrinter Pro with the software purchase.
Features Microsoft Word Enhanced PDF Creation:
  » Converts word headings into PDF bookmarks
  » Converts word hyperlinks into PDF links
  » Creates links between cross-references
  » Creates table of content entry  links to their destinations
  » Converts word hyperlinks that point to other documents into PDF links
  » Links footnote and endnote references to their citations
  » Converts word comments into PDF text notes
  » Converts document properties (author or creation date) into PDF document information
  » Converts word form fields into PDF form fields

For assistance installing, registering and configuring the Neevia docuPrinter, check our on-line web help at PDF Installation Help.

Using the Neevia docuPrinter: 

Once the Neevia docuPrinter is installed, you will notice an icon has been added to your Word toolbar with a 'PDF' symbol. To convert your completed report, click the icon when the document to be converted is open. You will be presented with the form shown below:  

Click continue with the defaults set as above and save your report with the file name of your choice when prompted.

Alternately, you can create a PDF document from the current Word document by selecting 'Print' from the MS Word 'File' menu. Select 'docuPrinter' from the 'Select Printer' selection box.

Uploading the PDF report:

Once the report is converted to PDF format it can be distributed electronically, either by email or by uploading to a web site for client download (recommended).

INSPECTEXPRESS™ offers a PDF report hosting service where clients can download reports. This includes a customizable web page where clients can view details about your inspection company as well as downloading their reports. This service can also be linked to an existing web site.

To upload a report, select Edit Reports->Report Upload Login from the main INSPECTEXPRESS™ toolbar/menu. You will be automatically logged in to your account as configured on the Report Upload Login tab of the Company Information form (see Setting Company Information for more info).  Click the Browse button on the Report Manager page to select file(s) to upload then click Upload Report Files.

Advise your client of the name/number you used to save the report (without the .pdf extention) for them to access the report on-line. Direct them to your client download page where they can enter this name/number to access their own report only (e.g.

Managing your PDF hosting account:

Discontinued! Please use your Office 365, SkyDrive account or website for cloud storage and online report delivery.

Your PDF hosting account has 20mb of storage capabilities for files. The amount of space used is indicated on the page, when it approaches the limit you will need to delete older report files by checking the files to be deleted then clicking the Delete Report Files button.

Files that are marked in red are required for the client download page and should only be replaced, not deleted. For more information on setting up the client download page, check our web site at INSPECTEXPRESS™ Report Upload Help. If you prefer to allow your clients to access their reports from your own web site, our on-line help provides the html code to add the 'View Inspection Report' feature to your own site. 

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