Form Button Reference

The following section presents an easy to reference guide for the various button commands available on each INSPECTEXPRESS™ form. 

Writes the text on the form to the current document. You will only want to write the text to the document once, so it is wise to use the Preview button to first review the text of the report section you are currently working on to ensure that you have added and/or edited all comments to your satisfaction.  
Moves to the next form. When you have already written the text for the current form to the document, this button will read 'Next' instead of 'Skip'. If you haven't yet written the text to the document, you may come back to this form later.  
Moves back to the previous form. If you have not yet written the document, you may want to return to the previous form to check your work or write the previous section to the document.  
Refreshes the current form. If you have already added comments to this form, you will lose your changes! 
INSPECTEXPRESS™ about box, an easy place to see your version number or check for updates.  
Loads the INSPECTEXPRESS™ On-line Help file. 
Previews the text that has already been added to this section. If you have added all the comments you want for the section and wish to edit the text before writing to the page, you can do that now. It is always a good idea to preview the current section before writing to the document.  
Adds comment to the summary section. Click this button to add the current comment to the summary section of the report. If you wish to view or edit the summary comments you have added for this section, click the System Summary tab on the form.  
Highlights the current paragraph. Clicking on this button will highlight the current comment on the final report document. You can set your preferences on how the comments will be highlighted on the Styles & Font Settings form available from Settings menu on the Settings - Data group menu. For more information see Highlighting Comments.  
Inserts an Inline image into the current selected observation comment.
Deprecated: Right click send current comment to archive.
Inserts a Wrapped image into the current selected observation comment.
Deprecated: Right click retrieve comment from archive.
Cuts the selected text from the comment and copies the text to the clipboard. Same as selecting CTRL + X on the keyboard.  
Copies the selected text to the clipboard. Same as selecting CTRL + C on the keyboard.  
Pastes the text that was last copied to the clipboard. Same as selecting CTRL + V on the keyboard.  
Checks spelling in Edit Observation text box on section forms. 
Saves any changes you have made to the current comment. This button will only be enabled once edits to the current comment have been made.  
Resets the current comment. Click this button to restore the current comment to the default state. This button will only be enabled if the current comment has been previously edited and saved during the creation of this report.