PDF Installation Setup Help



  Run the standard setup from the web site or by double-clicking on the dppro.exe installation file if you have saved the installation file to your computer.  

  When prompted, make sure the docuPrinter Word Bar is installed to have access to all Word compatible features. It is not necessary to install the Power Point bar.




Once the PDF converter is installed, run the software for the first time to set the defaults and register the program.  

INSPECTEXPRESS™ (or Microsoft Word) and click the PDF icon on the toolbar.  

  Set the 'General' tab as shown.



On the 'Links' tab check link footnotes and end notes. Leave the default settings for the PDF Link appearance.

Accept the default settings for the 'Form Fields' and 'Bookmarks' tab. 





The first time you run the software, click on the 'Configure Output' button to open the 'PDF Advanced Settings' form to:  

  Register the program.
  Increase image resolution.
  Set up your PDF security defaults.





Click the 'Register' button to enter your serial number.  

To improve the quality of the images in the document click the 'Edit PDF Settings' button. Select the 'Compression' tab and increase the resolution to 300 dpi from 72 dpi (the default). 

To lock the PDF document so it cannot be edited, click the 'PDF Security' button.




To ensure clients can easily open the reports, but not edit them, check the 'Use security' box then configure the settings as shown.  

These settings allow clients to easily open and print reports but not edit them. Do not give clients the password, this is for the inspector's use only.