Using INSPECTEXPRESS™ Mobile on the Pocket PC

Starting the Mobile Inspection:

Enter the address of the mobile inspection. This address will be used again later for synchronizing the Pocket PC files with your desktop version, so be accurate.

Complete the inspection forms:

Proceed through the inspection forms (they appear in the same order as the desktop version).

Editing selection/dropdown boxes:

If the selection that you want is not available in the selection/dropdown box, just type/write the entry you need into the box. When you synchronize with your desktop version the entry can be added to the defaults automatically (see Mobile Settings for more info). The next time you re-create your Pocket PC forms, the entry will then be added to the list on the Pocket PC as well.

Editing Check Boxes (observations):

When you check off an observation, you can view and/or edit the observation by holding the stylus on the check box text until the popup menu appears. If you edit the observation, when you synch with your desktop version the entry will appear in the report instead of the default.

System Notes:

System Notes are a free text field that can be used to record any additional observations about the inspection. The notes will appear on the desktop version when the section is opened and can either be added to the report observations automatically (see Mobile Settings for more info) or simply used for the inspector's own reference.

Printing a summary:

With the Mobile version you can print a summary of observations right off the Pocket PC. A formatted text file (.rtf) is created and opened in Pocket Word. The summary can be edited further if required before printing

Multiple Inspectors:

More than one inspector can record Pocket PC data for the same inspection. Ensure that both Pocket PC's use identical inspection addresses when the inspection is started (this is how the files are named). Divide up the sections according to the inspector's area of expertise. When you synch both Pocket PC's on the same desktop version of the program will read both sets of files automatically.

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