INSPECTEXPRESS™ Home Inspection Software

INSPECTEXPRESS™ residential home inspection reports are highly detailed and easy to read. They come with customizable report covers, table contents, headers, footers, custom document inserts and even footnotes.

Our report writing program is easy to use onsite while inspecting homes. It runs on your laptop, tablet or back in the office on your desktop. Easily add formatted and automatically sized photos and comments, saving time while inspecting homes. Includes report templates to follow most standards of practice but is completely customizable.

Our home inspector software includes full customer support by email or phone. Download our free trial and give your home inspection business a more professional appearance with the highest standards in report presentation.

The software is designed to be easy for even a novice computer user to use right from the start, but also has many features to allow an inspector to customize both the program and report.

Reports can be created by following our wizards through the systems defined by your choice of standards, or by using your own template and inserting comments from the library. All lists of components descriptions and observations can be edited with a single click during the reporting process, making it simple for the inspector to customize the software during day to day use. Start with the thousands of included component descriptions and boilerplate comments and add, edit, set defaults or remove unnecessary entries until the libraries are fully personalized to your preferences and locale.

The Inspection Wizard

The intuitive approach to creating a home inspection report uses a series of forms. The wizard helps guide you through your inspection process.

Check off what sections and documents to include in the report such as:

  • Report Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Purpose and Scope
  • Standards of Practice
  • Form Sections (roof, exterior etc.)
  • Your Custom Documents

Add the home details and client information then proceed through each selected form section.

Add component descriptions by selecting from a drop-down box.

Add observations by selecting the related check box. The narrative comment that matches the selection appears in the box at the bottom of the form and can be easily edited.

Click the 'Write' button to transfer the selected information to the document.



Adding Images to Report

Adding images is so easy! Images can be added when editing and inserting observations from the sections forms or from the main menu after the report has been written. There are several methods and styles for inserting images and users can control presets for these methods.

  • Preset image settings make resizing and borders a snap.
  • Insert an image and wrap the observation around the image, insert a cross-reference photo template, or have your photos inline and lined up side by side below your observations.
  • Insert a report cover image, positioned and formatted to your settings every time.
  • Annotate and highlight your images with text, arrows, circles and squares. Preset the colors and sizes and more...

Customizing the Interface

Forms can be resized to fit your screen resolution and the fonts to be displayed on the forms can also be changed. The labels, frames and tab captions can be edited allowing you to make changes to match your reporting style. The form interface (dropdown lists, observation check boxes, captions and comment etc.) can be modified on the fly while in use by right clicking the fields. Setup defaults for the most common types of components in your area. Each time you use the software it gets faster and faster!

List and Drop Down Boxes

List and drop down boxes (component descriptions) are edited by "Right Clicking" the box with the mouse.

For each list you can:

  • Add, remove or re-order entries or set as default. 
  • Edit the sub headings and titles. 
  • Add a footnote with options.

Observation Lists

Each section contains up to ten lists on five tabs with a large number of check boxes you can edit for your saved observations lists. Each comment can have a short name for each retrieval That means no reading of the whole comment needed when searching for comments.

You can customize these lists and move items from one list to another and even set the number of comments in each list. By labeling and organizing your comments into groups from each section you can make retrieval of comments easy and fast

Just "Right Click" or "Double Click" on the check box to:

  • Edit the caption that appears on the comment. 
  • Edit the default comment for future use. 
  • Add images or diagrams to the default comment for future use.
  • Write a related comment to be automatically added to the summary.

Modify Labels and Tabs

Labels and tabs can be changed, edited or hidden. Ones not in use can be re-purposed for other details. Forms are for highly detailed inspections that exceed most standards, hide what you don't use.

Just "Right Click" one of the tabs on the report section forms.

  • Edit captions on tabs, groups and form labels.
  • Hide labels, drop downs, lists, groups and tabs. 
  • Reorder the tabs on the forms. 

You have the control and flexibility to make the software your own with options that let you control both the input of your data and the output of your report!

Your investment is secure. We have been supporting home inspectors for over 15 years while keeping up with the latest technologies. Windows 10 and Word 2016 ready!

Give us a call to see how INSPECTEXPRESS™ can be used to create reports on-site or use our data collections tools to complete the report at your convenience. Take our software for a test drive today!