Q. How can I ensure a problem area is noticed?  

A. There are two ways to bring your reader's attention to trouble spots. One way is to add the comment to the summary section of the report by clicking the 'Add to Summary'  button. The other way is to highlight the text within the report by clicking the 'Highlight Text' button. You can Highlight your saved observations beforehand also. 

Q. I've completed a section, but missed an observation. Can I just add a single observation to the report?

A. Yes. To insert a single comment into the report, position the cursor on the document where you want the comment inserted and select Observations on the Edit Report group menu.  See  Inserting Observations into a Document for more info.

Q. I've completed the report wizard, but now I want to add or re-do a section of the report. How do I do this?

A.  To add a section to a completed report, just position the cursor where you want the new section to be inserted and select the section of the report you want to add from the Sections menu on the Report Wizard - Form group main toolbar/menu. 

Q. I see that there is a lot of redundant information that appears on more than one form? Why?

A. Redundant information is added in various places to meet/exceed various association standards and reporting styles. It is only necessary to describe components on the sections where you want this information to appear.  Also, new forms were added for different styles of reports/inspections. For instance, the crawlspace and attic sections could be used instead of structure and insulation. To incorporate these sections choose the appropriate section from the 'Included Sections'  tab of the 'Report Template Editor' form. 

It is also possible to disable/hide either complete tabs or specific selection (drop-down) boxes on each input form. Open the 'Form Editor' to edit the input (section) forms by clicking on the tabs on the input form to be edited.

Q. Can I share my client information with other software programs?

A. Users of MS Office Outlook (not Outlook Express!) can import buyer, seller etc information from Outlook when completing the General Information section. Click the 'Outlook Contact' or 'Add New Contact' buttons to integrate your Outlook contact list.  

Q. How do I back up my customized settings?

A. Use the export feature (select a choice from Database->Import and Export from the menu) to create files of your setting changes that you can copy to a disk. These can easily be imported again if you lose your settings due to hardware failure etc. (see Export - Backup Program Settings for more info).