Inspection Form Editor and Settings

Each input form can be individually customized. To customize an input form, click with the right mouse button on the top tabs of the form. The Edit Form Controls form will open with the current configuration for the specific form.  

These settings for the input forms can be applied to any report template in order to match the input forms with the report output required. Select the report template to apply the settings to before clicking the 'Save Template' button. See Adding Report Templates for more information on creating and using report templates.  


Select a tab in the 'Tab Order' list to edit the caption or change the order of each individual tab. Tabs can also be completely hidden by un-checking the tab on the 'Show Hide Tabs' list.

Labels & Frames:  

The captions for each label or frame can be changed to match the contents of the related control. Defaults can be easily restored if required.

Note: This does not change the text that is written to the report. To change the text that is written to the report, edit the Descriptive Title on the  Edit Drop Down List form. (See Configuring Selection Boxes for more info on this topic)

Hide Dropdowns, Frames and Lists:  

Each drop-down, frame or list control can be individually hidden by un-checking the control.  

Additional Form Settings:  

Additional settings (below) to configure text to be printed on the header and footer are available on the Main Program Settings form. 

Drop down lists on mouse-click: 

Change the action of the drop-down list boxes so that the selections will automatically appear when you click on the box with the mouse.   

Close forms after Write/Next:

Closes a form that has been written when moving to the next form. If completed form sections are re-opened, the form will be cleared of the original descriptions and comments selected. Use this setting to keep your program operating at optimum efficiency. (Not available in Word 97).   

Form Size and Caption Fonts: 

Forms can be re-sized to fit your screen resolution and the fonts to be displayed on the forms can be changed.  

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