Installing from the CD-Rom
Installing from Internet

Installing from the CD-ROM:

Windows XP/VISTA/WIN 7,8 ,10 Installation Instructions: 
(Microsoft Word 2000/2003 V3 - Word 2007-2016 V4)

To Install:

  1. Begin at the Windows Desktop.
  2. Insert the Software disk into your CD-ROM.
  3. The start-up window should appear.
  4. Click the 'Install' button, and follow the onscreen instructions to install the program.

If  the start-up window does not appear automatically onscreen, you can install the program manually.

  1. Click the Start button on the task bar and choose Run.
  2. Type D:\SETUP.exe in the line labeled Open (if your CD-ROM drive uses a letter other than D, substitute for D).
  3. Click the OK button and follow the onscreen instructions to install the program.

Downloading INSPECTEXPRESS™ from the Internet: 

When downloading from the website please follow the easy prompts that lead you to download the correct versions of the software.


When updating your software only download the update and NOT the full install. 

Installing from the Internet:  

Download the file from the server or location, save onto your harddrive.

  1. After downloading double click the downloaded file and the Installation License screen will appear.
  2. You must agree to the license before you can continue.
  3. Click the OK button and follow the onscreen instructions to install.

Starting for the First Time :  

When you first run INSPECTEXPRESS™, you may be presented with "Security Warning". This will enable DevWave Software Inc. to be added as a trusted publisher so that you can continue to run with your macro security settings on 'Disable all macros with notification'.

To view our certificate, click on the 'Show Signature Details' button on the window. Follow the appropriate macro security link below for detailed instructions.

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