Customizing Check Boxes & Option Buttons

The default labels and comments for most option buttons can be edited by clicking on the option button that you wish to edit with the right mouse button. The only option buttons that cannot be edited are the ones that are grouped with other selection boxes to create a single comment (full narrative mode only).  

After right clicking on the option button, a form will load that allows you to edit both the option button caption (the label on the option button) and the default comment or paragraph. Just type the changes you want to either the caption or paragraph and save. You can go back to the original default comment at any time by loading the form to edit the option button and clicking the 'reset' button.

You can also add a placeholder symbol to your saved comment so you will be sure to remember to edit the comment for the component you are describing when you are completing a report. To add the placeholder symbol, place the cursor where you would like the symbol to be placed and click on the button with the @ symbol. 


Summary Comment:  

Each comment/observation can have a related comment that is added to the summary each time the check box is selected. To add the related comment, check the 'When Comment Selected Automatically Send Comment Below to Summary' check box. This will automatically add the default comment to the 'Summary Comment' text box. This comment can now be edited if you want different text to appear in the summary report section.

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