Using INSPECTEXPRESS™ with a Mobile Inspection

Starting the Mobile Inspection:

Click the 'Mobile' button on the Start New Inspection form or the main menu. Once the Files Sync folder has been correctly set, a list of current Mobile Inspections will be displayed. Click on the mobile inspection you wish to begin and click 'OK'.

Now proceed through the inspection as usual. Whenever a section is opened, INSPECTEXPRESS™ looks to see if that section was completed on the related mobile inspection and will load all the selection boxes and check boxes with the selections made on the Pocket PC.


The inspection address on the 'Start New Inspection' form must be the same as the address on the mobile inspection.

Exporting INSPECTEXPRESS™ forms to the Pocket PC:

Mobile forms are created by the user to match their settings in the main desktop program. Mobile forms can be re-created as often as changes are made to the main program. To create the forms for the Pocket PC click on the 'Create Pocket PC Forms' button. The forms are written to the sync folder in your Files Sync folder and will automatically be updated on the Pocket PC when it is synchronized.

Using INSPECTEXPRESS™ Mobile with Multiple Inspectors:

The Mobile software can be used by more than one inspector on the same inspection! Ensure that both inspectors enter the same address on the Pocket PC when starting the inspection then each inspector completes their own sections. Sync both Pocket PC's with the same computer and the desktop software will automatically read both sets of files.

You may want to hide sections when publishing. One inspectors has the roof and exterior sections in his menu the other inspector does not, he has electrical and plumbing etc... this will prevent any possible sync problems when using more than one inspector.

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