Section Disclaimers

Section disclaimers written to match the Standards of Practice followed by the home inspector are also included to use with INSPECTEXPRESS™. To use section disclaimers, check the 'Insert Section Disclaimers' check box and select the type to use from the list. To make your own, select the 'Custom' selection. Disclaimers include the Purpose and Scope and Exclusions as well as text that is inserted at the top and bottom of each report section written.

The disclaimers are specific to the report template chosen, so the disclaimer type will be set according to the default report template that is currently selected on the Report Template Editor or Start New Inspection forms. The disclaimer type can also be selected on the Disclaimer tab of the Report Template Editor form. See Adding Report Templates for more info on this topic.

Disclaimer Type:   
Select the applicable Standards of Practice to include the pre-written disclaimers for or configure your own by selecting the 'Custom' setting. See Adding Standards to the Report for more information on configuring this section. 

Insert Sections Disclaimers:  
Select this setting to include the chosen disclaimer type in the report sections as the report is written.  Each section will be evaluated based on the 'Use Section Top/Bottom Disclaimer Comment' chosen for the specified section when this setting is selected.

Use Section Top/Bottom Disclaimer Comment:  
The text for each disclaimer section can be edited and/or toggled on or off individually.   

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