The concept for INSPECTEXPRESS™ originated in 1997 with the idea of creating an on-site reporting software that would deliver consistent, quality reports in a timely manner. To give inspectors the most flexibility possible the program was integrated with Microsoft Word.  

In 2001, after the original design was used successfully by busy inspection franchise companies for a number of years, DevWave Software Inc. created INSPECTEXPRESS™ for inspectors everywhere! Our commitment has been to support the inspection profession by providing quality reporting software, keeping up with the latest tools and responding to our inspector's need for faster and easier ways to create their own personalized style of report.

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About DevWave Software Inc.

DevWave Software Inc. was incorporated in 2000 to provide specialized software solutions to small to medium-size businesses. We supply and maintain proven software packages to target markets such as art galleries, home inspectors and painting contractors as well as providing custom software solutions and websites.  

Our success is based upon our experience in a wide range of types of software development, our experience in sales and marketing and a commitment to providing personalized support and service to our clients.

Our experience:

  • Database design and development
  • User Interface (UI) design
  • Visual Basic programming (VB6 and .NET)
  • Microsoft Office programming (VBA - Visual Basic for Applications)
  • Website design and programming (JQuery, HTML, ASP.NET)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services
  • Internet marketing (PPC)

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