Highlighting Comments and Defects

When creating a report, the inspector may wish to highlight selected comments or defects within the body of the report in order to ensure the reader notes these comments.

Highlighting a comment:

To highlight a comment within the text of the report, click on the 'highlight comment' (yellow warning symbol) button on the form when the comment or defect that you wish to highlight is visible in the text box. The 'Select Highlight' form will appear, allowing you to select the caption that you wish to preface the comment with. You can select by double clicking the entry or selecting 'Use' button.

At the same time, if you are adding your observations to the summary manually, you can add the comment to the summary report section by ensuring that the 'Add to summary' checkbox is selected before clicking 'Use' to add the highlight.

Highlight can also be added to your saved observations for future use.

You can also highlight a comment after the report has been written. Place your cursor in the paragraph to highlight, and select highlight from the toolbar in the Edit Report group.

Setting the Highlight feature defaults:

The 'Highlight' feature can be customized by configuring up to ten different captions, and two font styles.

These defaults can be set on the 'Highlight' tab of the 'Styles and Font Settings' form. See Highlight Settings for more information on setting defaults for this feature. 

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