Adding Images to the Report

Images can be added to your inspection report in a choice of three different styles ('Word Wrap', 'Inline' or 'Cover') and can be inserted directly into the body of the report or on a 'photo insert' page (see Using Photo Inserts for more info). 


Images that are inserted and re-sized in MS Word can retain their original file size if not compressed!! Ensure that the file or camera image you are using is the lowest possible size while maintaining sufficient image resolution. Larger images will increase the size of the completed document even after conversion to pdf. There are also several free batch image resizing programs that can be used on images before insertion. Resizing the images before insertion will also speed up processing in MS Word. New mega pixel cameras are way overkill (600 x 800 pixels recommended).  

Inserting Images in the report:

Place your cursor on the document where you want the image to be inserted then choose the type of image to insert according to the styles available on the Insert Images group selections from the menu.

  • Word Wrap File Image will re-size, add borders and word wrap the image right in the paragraph where the cursor has been placed in the document. Use this selection when adding an image to a paragraph that contains the relevant observation.  

  • Inline File Image will re-size the image and place it at the cursor position. The image will not be word-wrapped, but images can be placed side by side. This type of image is also used when adding multiple referenced photos at the end of the report.

  • Cover File Image will re-size, add borders and position the image on the cover page already added to the document. The image can be selected while on the start inspection wizard form or from the the Insert Images group after the report cover has been inserted.

Formatting Images:

Images are formatted and re-sized as they are inserted according to the default settings specified on the Image Settings form. This form is available by selecting Settings >Image Format Settings on the Settings - Data group menu. It can also be loaded from the small settings button next to the Insert Images group label. 

To apply default formatting to an image already inserted in the report, select the image by clicking on it with your mouse then choose the style (Word Wrap Style, Report Cover Style or Inline Image Style) from the Format Image menu.  

Any image can also be further re-sized or moved in the report by selecting the image and using the 'handles' to re-position the image. Any of of MS Words image formatting tools can also be used.

Annotating Images:

Images can be annotated using arrows, text boxes and other shapes by selecting the image and making the appropriate selection from the toolbar groups on the menu.  Arrows can still be moved and edited once in place.

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