Glossary of Terms

ASHI® - The American Society of Home Inspectors is a not-for-profit professional society whose members include private, fee-paid home inspectors.  

CAHPI - The Canadian Society of Home and Property Inspectors is a national organization that represents the interests of its members' and the public through promoting and enhancing member professionalism and competency.  

CREIA® - The California Real Estate Inspection Association. A non-profit voluntary membership organization that provides education, training, and support services to the real estate inspection industry and to the public.  

NACHI - The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors  provides resources, marketing tips and services to member inspectors. 

NAHI™ - The National Association of Home Inspectors, Inc. Established in 1987 as a nonprofit association to promote and develop the home inspection industry.  

boilerplate - The default saved component descriptions and observations that form the content of the report when selected.  

component description - Each section of the report contains either a fully narrative or list style (partial narrative) description of components as selected by the inspector.  

disclaimer - A comment generally used to limit the liability of the inspector.  This is written as part of the introductory 'Purpose and Scope' section of the report document and/or with each report section.  

document insert - A separate MS Word document that can be inserted directly into the body of the report.    

custom comment - Reserved comments that the inspector may edit by clicking on the check box with the right mouse button. Particularly useful for adding comments related to specialized regional requirements.  

insert point - The position in the current document where an item (section, document etc) will be inserted.  If a section was specified on the 'Start New Inspection' form, the insert point will be the placeholder ('General Information Insertion Point' etc) written on the incomplete report. Otherwise, the insert point is generally the position of the cursor on the document page.

label - 'labels' refer to captions on the input forms that are not written to the report but are visible when viewing the forms. These are changed using the Form Editor form. To change the text that is written to the report (partial narrative mode only), edit the Descriptive Title on the  Edit Drop Down List form.

observation - 'Check box' comments used to describe deficiencies or the general condition of the components. 

placeholder symbol - the symbol '@@@' that is used to mark areas in the narrative report that should be edited as appropriate for the component being described when the inspector completes a report. 

standards of practice - published standards from state and national organizations for home inspectors such as ASHI® and CREIA.