Configuring Selection Boxes

Configuring the selection boxes when in partial narrative mode has different options to the lists that are configured in full narrative mode. When using the partial narrative mode, the selection box entries that appear on the right hand side of the list are configured in a similar manner to the selection boxes when using full narrative mode - without the long comment descriptions - however there are further options to configure the left hand side of the list, add sub headings and create footnotes for each or all list items.

Titles/Sub Headings:

When in partial narrative mode, clicking with the right mouse button on the selection box to configure opens the Edit Drop Down List form with a tab titled 'Check List Description Title'.  

The first 'Descriptive Title' text box is used to enter the value to appear in the left-hand side of the list. To edit the value, type in the new value and click the 'Save Title' button.  

The 'Descriptive Sub Heading Title' text box is used to place a sub heading above the current component description. This text box is often left blank, as there would not be a sub heading for each individual component. Use the sub heading where ever the type of component changes from the previous selection box. To edit the value, type in the new value or remove the text if desired and click the 'Save Sub Heading' button.  


Footnotes for the dropdown lists can be configured in two ways. Select 'One Footnote For All Selections'  to have the footnote appear in the report each time any selection is made from the list. To have a footnote appear for an individual item in the list, select 'Footnote For Each Selection' then highlight the item in the list from the 'Drop Down Entries'.

To turn off the footnotes for the list item without losing the entries, select the 'No Footnotes Comments' option.

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