Using the Inspection Summary Report

The inspector can choose to create a summary report to list deficiencies or inspection results for specific components. The summary can contain all observations from the main report, or selected comments only. The summary can also be included as a section within the main report or printed as a separate document (see Summary Settings for more information on configuring the summary report).   

Adding the Summary document: 

The summary can be included as a part of the main report document, as a separate document or both.  This is usually configured as part of the report template (see Report Templates for more info) for selection on the 'Start New Inspection' form as below. The choice of where to write the summary also be made when the 'Summary' form is loaded. Toggle the 'Create In A New Report' / Write Inside This Report'   button before clicking the Write button.

Summary as part of the main document - To include the summary as part of the main document, select the 'Summary' report section on the 'Included Report Sections'  tab of the 'Start New Inspection' form. The summary will be added in the order it appears on this form. For more information on using the settings on the 'Start New Inspection' form see Using the Report Wizard.

Summary as a separate document - To include as summary as a separate document, check the 'Create Separate Summary Document'  check box on the  'Included Report Sections'  tab of the 'Start New Inspection' form.  

When the summary is written as a separate document, a summary report cover, table of contents etc will be added according to the Summary Settings. The summary cover page - SummaryCover.docx in the 'Templates' folder of the INSPECTEXPRESS™ program directory - can be customized to the inspector's specifications.

What gets included:  

There are two options to select when writing the summary report. Both options are available on the summary form by clicking the 'Summary'  or  'Observations'  buttons. 

Summary - Selecting the 'Summary' button will load the form with all summary comments that were added either by clicking the 'Add to summary' icon on the form when you are viewing the comment you wish to add, or by selecting a comment with a related summary comment (see below for more info).  

Observations - Selecting the 'Observations' button will load the form with all comments/observations that were added during the creation of the report.  

Configuring observation comments to be added to the summary: 

Each comment/observation check box can have a related comment that is added to the summary each time the check box is selected. See Customizing Check Boxes for more information.

It is also possible to add drop-down text to the summary (full narrative mode only) automatically each time the selection is made. See Configuring the Selection Boxes for Full Narrative Mode for more information.  

Editing the Summary:  

Each summary section can be updated edited while on the related input form by clicking the 'System Summary' tab.

The Summary can also be edited and updated after completing the inspection report, each summary section can be individually edited or updated on the Summary form itself. Select either the 'Section Summary Comments'  or 'Section Observation Comments' to edit.

Retrieving the Summary Data: 

The comments/observations added to the summary report are saved in memory for the last twenty reports completed by the inspector. Opening a recent report will automatically reload all summary comments so the section can be reprinted or edited as required. Use Resume on the Report Wizard - Forms group on the toolbar menu to load an unfinished report.

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