From Tim Howe

I use INSPECTEXPRESS™ and I am the only guy in my area not using a checklist or partial narrative. My report format is a strong marketing tool for me, and I am seeing real benefit from using a full narrative report professionally formatted with TOC, headers and footers etc. I have differentiated myself from my competitors and I get a comment on nearly every inspection alluding to how my format is superior to any the client has seen before. Choosing IE when I started is the best business decision I have made.

Tim Howe

From Rick Bower

Just want to let you know your software is excellent. In the short time I have been in inspecting homes (1.5 years) my business has taken off like a rocket. I have agents that continually recommend me to their clients all because of the professional, easily understood and in-depth report I am able to generate. With almost 300 inspections performed I have yet to have the first complaint and as the report is easy to comprehend very few questions. Needless to say I have seen several other programs, many costing far more than INSPECTEXPRESS™ and several companies have sent me demo disc's to try their software. There is no comparison. I have had several new inspectors ask me about different software programs available. My only answer is "how serious are you about providing the best for your clients and how long do you plan to stay in business" INSPECTEXPRESS™ is the only software for the serious home inspector. Hats off to you folks, you really make me look good.

Rick Bower 
Welcome Home Inspection

From Leo Hoover

Mike, I can't imagine a better choice for my software. You always respond in a timely manner. I will always give you credit for that and I hope your business is going well. It is ironic that I feel so strongly about your software - but I will probably never tell anyone in my immediate territory. I will however share the good news with other clients in other areas.

Leo Hoover

From Scotty Cavaness

Hey Michael

The recent changes/improvements included in the updates look really good. Before I bought your software, I had never used Word before, so making it look the way I want is quite a task...however, someone over there at Devwave has a good eye for making the report look appealing. The arrangement, the setup, the colors you added to highlights, etc, etc....The most recent reports I've done look so much better now. I got a call from a potential client that lives in Omaha Nebraska this week. He is planning on moving to my state of SC soon, is talking with a realtor about a house and found my website in his search for an inspector. He called and asked if I could send a sample report and references which I did. Later that same day I got a call from his realtor to schedule the inspection. One look at a Devwave report(written by one of SC's best inspectors) and he knew he had called the right man for the job. Thanks!

Scotty Cavaness, Inspector 
Blue Sky Enterprises, LLC

From Ron Bradley

I have been using INSPECTEXPRESS™ for almost a year now, I think I have picked up 3 full time clients, (read Realtors) (not ZOIDS), because of the Report format. I personally love the Summary section and the photo drop. I typically take between 40 and 70 photos of every job. I drop about 7 or8 photos into the summary and make it easy for the "handyman" to do his job without calling me for directions as to "which rafter tail was it?". Took me a while to get the hang of the software and personalize the options to my liking, but I am Very happy with it.
I have no financial interest in it or this website. (they advertise here) I have had 4 other inspectors ask me which report software I use, because they want to use it too. If they are within 50 miles I tell them it's mine, (which it is, I bought it), if further than that I am proud to point them to I.E. 
Very happy with the software and If I have a problem, they have a HUMAN answer the phone... OMG!!!


From Shawn Kroeker

I would like to say I'm very happy with the new updates for the inspection program. It's really working well for me. My decision to purchase this program was a good one. My clients are also very impressed. They cant believe the full, detailed report that is so quick. Takes on average 15 to 20 minutes. Very impressive and getting better. I think I have the best reporting system out there. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks....................Shawn

From Ken Moors

Hi Rose and Michael,

Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your INSPECTEXPRESS™ software. It's simple, fast, and produces a great report. I downloaded and ordered every software demo package out there and I mean every one. There is nothing that competes with yours. The ease with which everything can be customized and configured to exactly how I like to do an inspection makes it far and away the best product out there. And any company that will respond to an e-mail at 10:30 pm gets my vote for service. 

Thanks for a great product and exemplary service. 

Ken Moors
Aegis Home Services
Charlottesville VA

From Jeff Hardesty

Mike and Rose, 

I just wanted to let you guys know what a great tool your INSPECTEXPRESS™ Home Inspection Software is. When I started in this business computer based inspections were just being introduced in my area, after working with 3 part cumbersome check lists and trying to convince people that a hundred or more page book with all kinds of non-relevant information, hand written, matrix type check lists it was clear that this was not the way to future growth in a competitive market. 
I began looking for inspection software and was disappointed at my findings, complex, hard to read, difficult to operate and most of all still not truly narrative. Trying all of the available software I could find on the web I came across DevWave, INSPECTEXPRESS™.  What a find!!!!!!

This software is without a doubt the finest single tool a home inspector could have in his bag. 

This product is truly a quality control for inspecting homes. The software has allowed me to reduce my inspection time, increase the quality of our inspections and has become the talk of Real Estate Companies in my area. Both our clients and referral base now are demanding reports that are of the quality we produce. The software has been a great contributing factor in our growth and we credit this reporting system for actually helping us take a large amount of the market share in our area. 
These home specific, narrative inspection reports allow us to focus our time on thoroughness and detailed reporting with confidence that when we are done, the quality of the printed report will reflect our mission statement: to be the best in the business and awe everyone that is present at the time of the inspection. 

You guys out there that have not tried this software are missing a huge opportunity. This type of report will be the expected standard in the industry very soon. 

To top it off, the support provided by DevWave and there constant pursuit to keep this product cutting edge is the second best tool in the box. 

Thanks for the great product and continuing support. 


Elite Technical Inspection Services

From JD Johnson of Beach to Bayou Property Inspections

Just a few comments about the latest version of INSPECTEXPRESS™:

1) I think the enhancements in this version are GREAT!!!! This product is really becoming fine tuned!!
2) The Appliance Section I’m not sure when this was included, but I found it today, and LOVE IT!!!!
3) Purpose and Scope and Exclusions / Limitations this was a nice addition.

Thanks for working to make this product what it is becoming the leader in inspection software. I am attending the FABI ( conference this weekend and the ASHI Inspection World next month, and plan to REALLY talk up the software. I honestly believe in promoting great products and this deserves top notch billing!!


JD Johnson
Beach to Bayou Property Inspections

From Chad Fabry

I really like INSPECTEXPRESS™. It requires almost no training and is very intuitive. I operated the program reasonably quickly and effectively w/ o reading any of the instructions. The boiler plate is pretty good and for the most part when multiple comments are selected from the boiler plate, the sentence structure remains grammatically correct. 

I've also found Mike Brown @ Dev Wave to be VERY accessible, and as a result, had enough faith in him to ask him to design my logo, and he's currently building me a website that's going to be quite nice.

I looked at a dozen programs, and from my "newbie" perspective, this one was by far the easiest to learn. I'm not a technophile so it was very important to me that there not be a huge learning curve in the program I selected.

OK, I'm done now, Chad
StructureSmart Home Inspection Rochester, NY

From Tom English

Started using IE when my son and I started our company. The authors are VERY responsive. Software without support is like undershorts without the elastic waistband.

I am most pleased.