Preparing Report Materials

Preparing the following materials before you begin will make the reporting process more efficient and help you create a professional, quality report.


Worksheets are templates that you can print and take on the inspection with you. The worksheets come with the program CD-Rom or can be downloaded from our web site.  Open the document and print one section or print the whole report at once (this puts all the pages in the right order).  

We recommend that you print the worksheets at a high resolution then have these sheets photocopied for future use. They are not intended to be distributed to your clients, so these sheets do not require high quality printing after you print your master copy. Worksheets are designed to be printed on letter size paper (8 1/2" x 11"), however printing them on legal size paper (8 1/2" x 14") will allow more room for extra comments if required. Use a clipboard with a vinyl covers to hold them on site, a book style that opens up works the best.


Other methods include data collection with a Windows Mobile device or laptop/tablet PC on site.

Report Covers:  

Logos are an important part of business. Branding and name recognition will help you succeed in the long run, but presentation is most important in selling your product and service. We offer sample report covers that can be modified and used, but we do recommend that you create a cover with your own logo and style.  

Prepare your cover sheet by modifying or adding your logo to one of the templates or make a new template completely. If you would like to speed up printing on site you can create your templates and print them ahead of time. We recommend putting a picture of the residence with the address on the front cover of the report. If you want to pre-print your covers and will be using digital photos, make sure you have lots of room for the area of the picture. These covers should be on heavy stock glossy photo paper and printed above 400 dpi.


If you are printing report covers use a low ink style of cover (mostly white). If you are just converting reports to PDF and emailing, then report cover colors are not important.

Envelopes and Letterhead:  

Letterhead with your logo or trademark pre-printed on it can be used for reports if desired. If you will be using pre-printed letterhead, make sure logos and printing are high enough on pages and do not interfere with the report text. Pre-printed envelopes can also contain your logo or trademark.

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