Macro Security Word 2000/2003 (Version 3)

When INSPECTEXPRESS™ launches, Microsoft Word 2000/2003 performs a macro virus scan. It will be indicated on the status bar at the bottom when the virus scan is running. The toolbar will not load until the macro virus scan has been completed. 

When you first run INSPECTEXPRESS™, you may be presented with "Security Warning" window. This will enable DevWave Software Inc. to be added as a trusted source so that you can continue to run with your security settings on 'high'. To view our certificate, click on the 'Details' button on the window.  


To add DevWave Software Inc. as a trusted source, check the 'Always trust macros from this source.' check box and click on the 'Enable Macros'  button. 

Common Macro Security Solutions

Error: "The macro cannot be found or is disabled because of your security settings." 

In newer versions of Word, having the program terminate unexpectedly can cause this error to appear the next time the program is opened. To resolve this, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Word.

  2. Select 'Templates and Addins' from the 'Tools' menu

  3. In the list under the 'Global Templates and Addins' look for ''

  4. If it is listed, check it off and click 'OK' - go to step 6.

  5. If it is not listed, click the 'Add' button and browse to '' (usually located in the 'c:\Program Files\Inspect Express V3' directory). Click OK.

  6. If you are prompted with the security warning, check off 'Always trust macros from this source' and then click the 'Enable Macros' button.

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