Managing Archived Comments

This feature has been deprecated in Version 4 but is still available for use. The current multiple observation lists on each form make this of less use than originally planned in early versions of our software. If you have upgraded from version 2 or early version 3 and have comments saved in your archive you can still access them. Right click the insert inline image button to retrieve comments from the archive and right click insert wrapped image button to save them.

 Right click insert inline image button to retrieve comments from the archive (version 4).

 Right click insert wrapped image button to save a comment to the archive (version 4).

This form is opened from any report section form by selecting the check box or selection box (known as a 'group') that you wish to retrieve the comment for on the main form and clicking the View Archived Comments (version 3) button.

Only the saved comments for that particular group will be visible when this form is opened. You can click View All to see all the archived comments for that form.

Comments/observations are added to the archive by two methods. Comments can be added manually by clicking the Add to Archive Comments (version 3) button on the input form. Also, any comment that is edited and saved on the input form will be added automatically if the 'Archive All Edited Comments' check box on the Main Program Settings form is selected. 

You can manage any saved comments here including editing the comments, deleting comments that are no longer required and creating new comments.  

The list of the currently saved comments appear in the top 'Archived Comment List' box. To work with a comment, highlight it in the top box. The full comment will then appear in the bottom 'Selected Comment' box - ready for you to work with.  

The section below describes the functionality of each of the buttons shown on the form.  

Save - Saves any edits you have made to the selected comment. This button is only enabled after a comment has been edited.  

Add - Adds the comment in the 'Selected Comment' box to the archive as a new comment. This is useful if you wish to create a variation of an existing comment. Just edit the old comment and click 'Add' instead of 'Save'.  

Delete - Removes the selected comment from the archive. You must first select a comment for this button to be enabled.  

Export - Creates a text file of all the archived comments displayed on this form. If you wish to export comments for this entire section rather than the group only, first click the 'View All' button to load all comments for this report section.  

View All - Loads all archived comments for the entire report section into the form. Some functionality such as saving, adding and deleting comments is not available when all comments are loaded.  

Use - Inserts the selected comment into the report that is currently being written. This button is only enabled after a comment has been selected.  

Group - Loads the archived comments for the group (ie checkbox or selection box) that was active when the form was loaded. This is the default action when this form is opened, you will only need to click this button if you have previously selected 'View All'.  

Close - Closes this form and returns to the report wizard. If you have selected 'Use' to insert a comment, you will notice that your selected comment now appears in the text box of the main form.  

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