Inserting Observations

In addition to selecting check box comments on the input forms, individual observations can easily be added to the document at any time. This is most useful if the inspector has already written a report section to the document and wishes to add only a single observation without having to re-write the report section.

To add a single comment, place the cursor on the document wherever the retrieved comment should be placed, then on the Edit Report tab select Observations from the toolbar tab.  

Choose the appropriate section from the 'Report Section' selection box, and the captions of all observations on that section will appear.

To insert the comment, select (highlight) the comment to be insert and click the 'Observation Comment Only' button to place the comment in line with the text, or the 'Insert Empty Line and Comment'  button to place a paragraph break after the inserted text.  

To also add this comment to the summary section of the report, click either 'Add Comment to Auto Summary' to add the comment to the 'Observations' (all report observations) of the summary, or the 'Add Comment to Manual Summary' to add the comment to the 'Summary'.

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