PDF Hosting Setup Help

The default web page for your site is made up of the information supplied in your registration, three text files and two JPG image files. These files are stored in your upload directory and you can replace them by simply uploading another file with the same name. This will allow you to add your own custom banner with your logo on the top of the page. The three text files can be edited to include your own text and description that will appear on your page. You can include other images as will in the page but you must use HTML code in the text file.

Tips for setting up your web page:

Banner Image
Max width should be no more than 756 pixels wide 
File Name "banner.jpg"
Banner is centered in page
Create your banner and upload to directory

Web Page Text
File Name "top.txt" 
File Name "middle.txt"
File Name "bottom.txt" 
All text files can include HTML code 

House Image
Can be replaced with an image of choice (photo of the inspector recommended)
Max width should be no more than 200 pixels wide File Name "house.jpg"
Create your image and upload to directory

Background Image
To change the background image, replace the 'background.gif' file with your own background image. To remove the background image delete the 'background.gif' file from your Report Upload Manager.

Editing Company Information
Select the 'Edit Profile Information' link when logged on to the Report Upload Manager to manage your profile.

Downloading Reports From Your Own Web Site

Use this HTML code to add report viewing to your own web site. 
Edit the @@@ to reflect your directory and paste into your web page: 

<IFRAME id=WaitFrame style="BORDER-RIGHT: 0px; BORDER-TOP: 0px;
frameBorder=0 width=300 scrolling=no height=130> </IFRAME>

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