Customizing Selection Boxes (Full Narrative)

The selection (drop down) boxes in the program can all be customized. The lists can all be added to, and a default value can be set so that the selection box is always loaded with your choice of terms when the form is loaded. Setting the defaults to your local requirements can speed up the reporting process considerably.  

The following section applies to most selection (drop down boxes) when using INSPECTEXPRESS™ in full narrative mode. If the style for the component descriptions has been changed to partial narrative mode, the form below will only be used for the introductory and concluding comments. For further information see Configuring the Selection Boxes for Partial Narrative Mode.

After right clicking on the selection box to be edited, the 'Edit Drop Down Comments' form will open. Here you can set the default text to appear in the selection box, add to the list, or edit one of the items you have already added. Your added list items can also be re-ordered to your preferences.  

The default boilerplate text can also be replaced by your own complete sentences in most circumstances. When this is allowed, the 'Long Comment Description' field (#3) will be available.  

NOTE: Default boilerplate text where the 'Comment Description or Friendly Name' (#2) is capitalized (such as 'No Probing' entry selected in the example) will contain a 'Long Comment Description' (#3) that will supply the complete text for the item being described.  Any non-capitalized items in the list will be used as part of the default sentence and will not have a matching 'Long Comment Description' .  

While not required,  is suggested that this format be followed for customized entries to enable the inspector to quickly determine what type of entry they are selecting.

Setting the default text:  To set the default text, just select an item from the 'Drop Down Entries' list (#4) and check the 'Set as Default' check box (#1) and click 'Save'. If the item you wish to set as the default is not already in the list, you can simply type the new entry in the 'Comment Description or Friendly Name' box  (#1) for a quick entry and click  'Add New'.  

Adding new items to the list:  Type the new entry you would like to appear in the 'Comment Description or Friendly Name' box. To over-ride the default sentence, add the full sentence text to be used to the Long Comment Description' . Click the 'Add New' button. To add a second entry, type the new value over the one in the 'Comment Description or Friendly Name' box and click 'Add New' again.  

Editing list items:  To edit the entries you have already added to the list, select the item to edit in the 'Drop Down Entries' box, edit the text in either the 'Comment Description or Friendly Name' box  or the Long Comment Description'  and click 'Save'.  

Deleting list items:  To delete entries you have already added to the list, select the item to delete in the 'Drop Down Entries' box and click 'Delete'.  

Re-ordering list items:  To re-order your saved entries, click the 'Up' and 'Down' buttons until the entries are in the order you prefer, then click 'Save'.  

Add to Summary: Each individual list entry can be configured to send to the report summary whenever the item is selected by checking the 'Add to Summary' check box. 

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