INSPECTEXPRESS Version Update Details

Feb 24 2015 4.1.4 Version 4

  • Fixed error losing preset default observations
  • Fixed structural movement not writing
  • Fixed error when using @@@ at beginning of observation
  • Added wall inspected from (cahpi bc)

May 24 2013 4.1.3 Version 4

  • Fixed error editing observations Garage form

April 13 2013 4.1.2 Version 4

  • Updated Marco Security Cert Good through May 2018

Feb 10 2013 4.1.1 Version 4

  • Fixed minor bugs right click menus 2010-2013

January 24 2013 4.1.0 Version 4 (demo runs on Windows 8 with Word 2007 only not 2010 - 2013)

  • Ready for Windows 8 (not RT)
  • Ready for Office 2013
  • Ready for Office 365 and cloud
  • Added field for abstract
  • Updated document properties to set xml report cover properties
  • Updated report summary title
  • Updated form styles
  • Updated form sizes for Office 2013
  • Changed set data source to set in local user instead of machine (if a different user logs in they may have another database now but new path can be set with UAC enabled. thanks again Microsoft)
  • Updated import export form to read new data path
  • Added right click copy, cut and paste

January 16 2012 4.0.8 Version 4

  • Fixed spellcheck on footnotes combo form (one footnote for all selections option)

December 16 2011 4.0.7 Version 4

  • Fixed recovery of summary info when resuming report

December 2 2011 4.0.6 Version 4

  • Fixed spellcheck on footnotes combo form

August 15 2011 4.0.5 Version 4 Install Update

  • Fixed spellcheck on full narrative combo form
  • Fixed thumbnails not loading on full narrative combo form

October 4 2010 4.0.3 Version 4 Install Update

  • Fixed possible re-numbering of observations under some circumstances

September 10 2010 4.0.2 Version 4 Install Update

  • Improved installation of demo, all install packages have better database install, fixes error 429 or cannot locate database on some some machines. No version update only package date.

August 10 2010 4.0.2 Version 4 Update

  • Fixed new double spacing checkbox not saving setting

June 29 2010 4.0.1 Version 4 Update

  • Fixed Word 2010 not inserting cover image on first page
  • Fixed Pocket PC inspection list not refreshing after selecting new path

May 25 2010 4.0.0 Version 4 Macro Security Update

  • New Macro Security Update to expire in May 2013
  • Minor update on installation package Upgrade from 3 to 4
  • Minor update on installation package database improved installation

May 25 2010 3.7.2 Version 3 Macro Security Update

  • New Macro Security Update to expire in May 2013
    (Demo Full build and Update)

April 1 2010 4.0.0 Version 4 Release

  • New Word 2007-2010 ribbon toolbars
  • New toolbar icons, descriptions and super tips
  • New Word 2007-2010 Menus with descriptions
  • New quick Outlook Calendar access button
  • New quick Report folder Explorer access button
  • New quick Template folder Explorer access button
  • New quick access buttons for images and annotations
  • New position cover image by top left
  • Improved easy adjustment of borders and shadows on all images
  • New soft drop shadows and shadow settings
  • New control border color on annotation textboxes
  • New set data source (set your database to a networked computer)
  • New character and paragraph spacing to match Word 2007
  • New checkbox to use old double paragraph spacing
  • Updated default database to match Word 2007 paragraph spacing
  • New templates using the new .docx extensions
  • New support for themes
  • New checkbox to let MS Word control fonts using themes
  • New report cover using themes
  • New updated dialogs to pick folders
  • Fixed annoying prompt to update address information
  • Changed: removed picture thumbnails from forms and replaced with buttons to MS Office new picture dialogs
  • New registration form and activation keys
  • New import, export backup form (.NET)
  • Updated xml for better compatibility with Vista and Win 7
  • Database updated to match new Word 2007-2010 paragraph spacing
  • Changed in Vista and Windows 7 version database and templates moved.
    New location C:\Users\Public\Documents\Inspect Express V4\
    Can now be run with UAC enabled.

InspectExpress Version 3

No Further Updates to Version 3 are expected

May-20-2010 3.7.2

  • New Macro Security Certificate Expires May 2013

May 08 3.7.2

  • New Macro Security Certificate Expires May 2010

November 08 3.7.1

  • Oil Tank condition not writing to descriptions
  • Error checking for null fields when reordering lists (fixes error when reordering Interior Observations List 6 default database)

October 29 3.7.0

  • Wrapped or inline image remembered when loading new form
  • Word 2007 error opening document inserts for editing from the Edit Document Inserts menu
  • Easier room by room inspections. The bathroom and appliance forms have been changed similar to heating and interior. The number of bathrooms and number of kitchens dropdown is now used for the Title or Heading for the section. 

October 20 3.6.9

  • AM/PM inspection time Pocket PC data transfer bug on Gen Info Form
  • Water heater serial number Pocket PC data transfer bug on Plumbing Form
  • Linked (see Image#) photo insert numbering bug

July 27 3.6.8

  • Update New Spell Check on the forms. There is a new spell check button on most forms now. The text is written out of the form to the page, it checks the spelling and deletes the text back off of the page and copies it back to the form. It seems to be a real improvement in the report writing and also in the default comment editing speed!
  • Error on plumbing form also fixed, although it only seemed to affect one user, an update was added that did not change the program in any other way and other users will notice no difference.
  • Fix heating access location description (full narrative mode only)

June 14 3.6.7

  • Fix does not return to the current insertion point after writing a section

May 22 3.6.6

  • Fix ignore null fields in database after pasting (not needed by most)

May 11 3.6.5

  • Fix not scrolling to last image in thumbnail list
  • Fix General Information error running in full narrative (in 3.6.4 only)

Mar 19 3.6.4

  • Fix for vista users (missing file on vista)
  • Fix General Information form not picking up Pocket PC info under some conditions
  • Fix better control of option button titles and sub headings
  • New backup database, settings and templates
  • New archive and delete old reports

Jan 9 3.6.3

  • Fix summary sometimes removing empty lines
  • Fix auto summary for dropdowns sometimes not removing previous auto summary selection after being changed to another entry

Jan 9 3.6.2

  • Fix Pocket PC publishing Air Conditioning observations to Interior mobile form again
  • Fix error Pocket publishing without observations
  • Fix Carbon Monoxide Detector title/subheading not saving

Nov 21 3.6.1

  • More Pocket PC publishing features
  • Publish General Information form also to Pocket PC
  • Write Heating system multiple times (same as Air Conditioning now)
  • Pocket PC HTML printing (no help file update yet)
  • Easier loading of Pocket PC inspection (from menu also now)
  • Pocket PC turn off auto input panel keyboard etc.
  • Add photo to Pocket PC inspections
  • Add and remove items from lists
  • Set defaults on Pocket PC
  • Support for most Pocket PC resolutions
  • 240 x 240, 320 x 240, 240 x 320, 480 x 480 and 640 x 480
  • New settings and features for Pocket PC HTML creation

Aug 16 3.6.0

  • Fix Pocket PC publishing Air Conditioning observations to Interior mobile form

Aug 11 3.5.9

  • General info dropdowns not repopulating after edit
  • General info observation checks not writing to report
  • No format picture insert not replacing

Aug 08 3.5.8

  • Error editing dropdown lists when list is dropped down
  • Minor fix to observation editor

Jul 26 3.5.7

  • Error loading forms when only one image in directory

Jul 25 3.5.6

  • Error editing bathroom observations
  • Errors editing some empty custom comments
  • Not replacing image inserts on summary form
  • Resizing new checklist form when form size increased

Jul 17 3.5.5

  • Improved reloading of list box and dropdowns after editing
  • New forms toolbar (mouse over has form names)
  • Photo Tools

    Add photos while writing each report section: Forms now display all the images in a selected directory. Just select an image and click the icon when you are previewing an observation to add the image to the paragraph in word-wrap or in-line formats. Saved default observations can also include links to images and diagrams so that you can automatically insert an diagram/image along with an observation.

New Photo Drop Manager inserts photos on the fly anytime into the document report.

  • Form Updates

    New Form layout and extra fields added. Some state Standards of Practice (i.e. Arizona, South Carolina) require that inspectors comment on the condition of certain components. INSPECTEXPRESS forms have been updated to include condition statements for major components in both full and part narrative modes. These can be used by any inspector who wishes to describe the condition of the components as part of their inspection report. Other inspectors can hide these fields, not use them or customize them for other uses.
  • Observation Lists

    Check box comments (observations) are now displayed in lists that can be added to as needed. Comments can be easily moved between lists or re-ordered for better organization of your comments. These length of these lists can also be extended to provide more accessible archiving of additional comments.

    Note: If you are using INSPECTEXPRESS for the Pocket PC you will also need to update your Pocket PC installation and export new mobile forms after this update so the new observation lists will be synchronized with your desktop version.
  • Mobile

    INSPECTEXPRESS on the Pocket PC has been updated to include printing of a more complete report that includes both component descriptions and observations.

Jun 2 3.5.3

  • Main program not loading Pocket PC inspection when only one inspection in list

May 17 3.5.2

  • Possible error loading Pocket PC inspection into heating form

April 24 3.5.1

  • Macro security update
  • Valid until May 24 2008
  • Pocket PC program update

April 17 3.5.0

  • Mobile Pocket PC data collection
  • Mobile Pocket PC form data publishing
  • New Forms Interface
  • Read titles and captions for part narrative
  • System summary on form tab
  • Send selected text to summary

October 10 3.3.8

  • Minor full narrative mode changes Wells and Electrical Forms
  • Appliance form writing information not selected in full narrative mode
  • Report number changing up after writing report, now uses the same number you see
  • New database comment editor, in the menu as "View - Edit Database Comments..."
  • New Create check list of observation used, in the menu as "Observation Check List"
  • Also fixed default NACHI SOP, it was in a table and stopped the program from running on some machines

August 15 3.3.7

  • Last page of checkboxes not writing on attic form

July 12 3.3.6

  • Fire hydrant writing twice on general info form full narrative only

July 4 3.3.5

  • Garage form summary not loading on summary form

June 24 3.3.4

  • Improved loading of summary information and prompts
  • New auto send to summary for dropdowns
  • Electrical description order and breaks updated
  • Import templates change on import export form

June 5 3.3.3

  • Bug fix editing dropdowns settings pools and wells titles didn't save

May 30 3.3.2

  • Full Narrative Formatting and Order
  • Full Narrative sentence structure
  • Full Narrative text writing in insulation when not selected
  • Full Narrative old general information format update
  • Pool and Wells titles not changing after edit
  • Added option for garage door openers

May 30 3.3.1

  • Photos, arrows, circles and rectangles updated
  • Error handling when textbox or line selected when adding arrows etc.
  • Updated Photo Insert Pages (use with Word 2000 or later not formatted for Word 97)
  • Editing state and city titles in full narrative

May 26 3.3.0

  • Updated database
  • Error handling new pasted data
  • Updated Photo Insert Pages Full Download (more coming)

May 24 3.2.9

  • Extra air filter locations heating and air conditioning
  • Second floor description
  • 24 Hour time option general info
  • AFCI's not writing to report
  • Structural movement not writing to report

May 19 3.2.8

  • Full narrative adding states and city bugs
  • Full narrative pools language construction
  • Error editing heating oil and gas dropdowns
  • Full narrative hide material description checkboxes
  • Minor bugs full narrative mode

May 11 3.2.7

  • Macro error bug... new calendar
  • Option box error after reorder of checkboxes
  • Summary re-labeling
  • New AFCI, water heater locations, temperature defaults
  • Minor formatting full narrative mode
  • General info writing contact details in new format

May 3 3.2.6

  • New form layout
  • 1000 + new checkboxes
  • Re-order observations
  • Bug deleting template
  • Minor formatting full narrative mode

April 23 3.2.5

  • CAHPI Conference Canada version

April 13 3.2.4

  • TOC insert doesn't find edited heading maker fix
  • Add empty space below heading or line option
  • Easier editing of section titles
  • Minor formatting bugs

April 09 3.2.3

  • Text turned to heading 1 and added to TOC in Full Narrative without intro heading fix
  • Pool fixtures lead in fix and fix to pool GFCI
  • Added A. to list of numbered observations style

April 03 3.2.2

  • Form Editor error "No Current Record"
  • Tab order on new settings forms
  • Re-labeling of some menus and captions
  • Section Titles now appear on Start Form
  • Minor settings change for template disclaimers and help

March 29 3.2.1

  • New Form Editor - right click tabs to access (hide controls, change captions and reorder tabs)
  • Removed old hide redundant info
  • Exclusions Heading not changing after edit
  • Updated disclaimer information in database

March 19 3.2.0

  • Prompts on summary form
  • Prompts on disclaimer form
  • Changes to start form
  • Hide forms on start form with section template form
  • Exterior form re-write now includes site information
  • Minor formatting bugs (general info text changed to heading 1 & text added to TOC)

February 30 3.1.9

  • Error starting with guest account on XP

January 24 3.1.8

  • All new settings forms
  • Colors of headings and table of contents (16 color Word 97)
  • Inline picture borders
  • New Photo Page inserts work with Insert Image Cross-Reference
  • Preset arrows directions and color, circles and rectangles size and color
  • Horizontal line color and format
  • Page formatting
  • Check settings after update (disclaimers, colors and borders)

December 19 3.1.7

  • Word 97 bugs (The program runs much better in Word 2000 or later! Please Upgrade!)
  • Fireplace disclaimers not working
  • Header footer bugs

December 17 3.1.6

  • Add images to header
  • Add signature image
  • Color size, align line under section headings
  • 2 Column Table of Contents

December 8 3.1.5

  • Focus on partial narrative style and graphical user interface
  • Import export improvements (export to floppy or...)
  • Start Form now does all inserts and formatting
  • Tool tips, prompts and program tips
  • General Information form updated for partial narrative mode (titles and sub headings will be missing)
  • New database with I and My instead of We and Our

October 13 3.1.4

  • Heading numbering
  • Error on info form on some machines
  • Prompt for summary
  • Space under heading line if...
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Show - Hide Redundant Form Info (Reversed Construction Type - Structure)
  • Disclaimers tied to template and sections, the disclaimer type is tied to the template only not the sections

October 08 3.1.3

  • New Tool Bar
  • Plumbing water heater estimate in Partial Narrative Mode
  • Reduced file size
  • New Help File
  • Minor bug fixes

September 20 3.1.2

  • Startup Form Templates Fixed
  • Electrical Bugs in Partial Narrative Mode
  • Roof Flashing Writing Twice
  • Final Formatting Routine Rewrite
  • Full Install:
  • 2 Templates not installing to template directory
  • NACHI Standards
  • AII Standards

September 10 3.1.1

  • Error moving back and next from Sept 4 build
  • Backup database
  • Check for updates

August 27 3.1.0

  • New Start Form
  • Picture Formatting
  • Picture Inserts
  • Report Section Order
  • Form Order
  • Report Section Selection
  • New Menus
  • Many Summary Changes
  • Backup Summary Information
  • Editing Existing Reports
  • Numbering Headings
  • New File Inserts
  • Remember last image path used

May 18 3.0.9

  • New Macro Security Certificate Updated Expires May 2006

April 19 3.0.9

  • New updated work sheets.

April 9 3.0.8

  • Set format and number or letter observation comments.
  • Align picture when using wrapped style.
  • Sub Headings for partial narrative style.
  • Partial narrative style (sample) now enabled the latest database has the titles and sub headings.

Old Stuff:

April17-Moved form order code so V2 and V3 don't use the same settings, minor bug fixes, labeling changes.
April9-Losing comments on plumbing, picture wrapping and sizing, inserting summary placement.
March10-Type Mismatch Error when editing dropdowns on Insulation Attic and Crawlspace forms.
March5-Error '3061' Guess we need to ship the new database.
Feb27-Final updates to database for partial narrative mode (sample).
Feb27-Heating air conditioning updates and minor updates to forms.
Feb18-TOC formatting and minor updates to forms.
Feb18-Pictures disappearing and error on summary form.
Feb17-Picture landing on front page and general information form unloading error.
Feb13-Will update long list later... help, worksheets and lots of other fixes.
Feb02-Writing No Headings when No Headings selected instead of nothing.
Feb01-Import version 2 comments.
Feb02-Error 438 Wall and Ceiling Type Interior Form.